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3 Reasons You Should Do Yoga

May 19th, 2016

Daily life in today’s world is hectic, busy and often just a bit too much to handle. But striking a good balance against your fast-paced, stressful life can be hard to achieve. Many practitioners find yoga, a Hindu discipline, to be a great way to achieve this balance. Scientific studies have found many wonderful benefits to this exercise practice. We’ve outlined three of the best for you below.

3 Reasons You Should Do Yoga Regularly

  1. Better flexibility. Yoga focuses on honoring your body’s limitations while still pushing your own personal limits. This makes it a great way to improve flexibility in both your muscles and your mind. The images we’re bombarded with on a daily basis often lead to poor self image. Yoga’s focus on accepting your body as is provides the opportunity to reframe those mental messages into a version that better honors your current place on life’s long journey.
  2. Lean strength. As you practice yoga, you build your core muscle strength, making you stronger and helping create lean muscle mass. By building this muscle, your metabolism speeds up, helping you lose excess weight at the same time. If you have concerns about bulking up using traditional weightlifting techniques, yoga’s use of the body as weight and counterbalance help avoid that issue. It also provides mental strength for other areas of your life. If you can develop the discipline required for yoga, you can transfer that discipline to your daily mental struggles.
  3. Improved balance. You don’t have to have great balance to begin practicing yoga, but as you practice, your balance improves. That’s because many yoga poses require very small muscle shifts to maintain balance. As those muscles are strengthened through practice, you’re able to maintain the positions for longer periods of time and with better balance than when you began practicing yoga. Yoga’s meditative forms and practice also help bring balance to your busy life, providing moments of stillness and living within the moment.

Practicing yoga provides you with many benefits, especially when you’re trying to find meaning in an otherwise chaotic world. When you need to find apartments in San Mateo, California that go above and beyond to create a dynamic community, 888 San Mateo is here for you. Contact us today to learn more about the community we’re growing on the peninsula and how to become a part of it.