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5 Design Ideas for a Fabulous Bathroom

June 19th, 2018

Bathroom Design Ideas

If you’re like most residents of apartments in San Francisco, you enjoy coming home to a serene, well-kept home that provides a personal sanctuary — and this includes the bathroom. After all, it’s usually the first place you see in the morning after waking up and the last you see before going to sleep at night. Following are just five of the many ways that you can decorate your bathroom to give it a finished, polished ambiance.

Go White

All-white bathrooms are reminiscent of high-end hotels and spas, and you can replicate this atmosphere by stocking up on plenty of thick white towels, bathmats, and accessories such as soap dispensers and wall decor. Consider adding a peace lily in a white pot — these plants feature elegant white flowers and glossy, dark-green leaves. They are known to have air purifying properties and thrive in locations that don’t get a great deal of sunlight.

Go Beachy

Casual beachy styles are another good look for Bay Area bathrooms. Choose accessories made from beach glass, nautically inspired prints, and soap dishes in the shape of seashells to capture a maritime ambiance. Towels, washcloths, bath mats and shower curtains featuring blue-and-white vertical stripes convey a seashore theme.

Go Girly

If you’re a girly-girl, let your bathroom decor reflect your true colors — pink, pastels and more pink. Think flowered shower curtains and bathmats, floral prints on the walls, and soap dishes and dispensers festooned with images of spring and summer blooms.

Go Country

Country casual is a good look for any bathroom and provides a sense of ease and comfort. Wall decor depicting peaceful pastoral scenes, shower curtains, mats, towels and washcloths in gingham or calico designs, and nature-inspired patterns on accessories such as soap dispensers combine to create a pulled-together country casual look that immediately transports you to a lovely old farmhouse surrounded by orchards and green fields.

Go Shabby Chic

Shabby chic is a charming hybrid of girly and country casual — think upscale flea market style. This might be the most fun way to decorate a bathroom because it always seems to be a work in progress. For instance, those who go this route often come across quirky accessories or artwork that would be ideal in their bathroom.

At 888 San Mateo, we’ve got several floor plans available, from studios to two-bedrooms. Give us a call today to find out more about our lovely apartment community.


Spring Décor Ideas

May 3rd, 2018

spring decor

Spring is here, and everyone’s ready to say goodbye to dreary reminders of winter, and jumpstart the warmer season full of greens and blossoming colorful flowers. Spring is the perfect time to hit the reset button!

Borrow the following creative spring décor ideas to make your apartment in San Mateo even cozier and brighter.

Drop Some Lemons in a Glass Topiary Jar

Mimic the colorful spring season in your kitchen or the living room with a topiary jar containing some lemons. Better yet, get two matching flower vases containing white and yellow tulips and place on either side of the jar, such that it sandwiches them.

Bring in Some Plants

Maybe flowers aren’t your thing, or you’d like a perfect combination of flowers and natural plants for your décor.

Unsure of your ability to care for a plant? There are pretty easy plants such as snake plant, jade, and aloe, that won’t take much of your time.

How About Springtime Scents?

Spring is a pleasing season for everyone. The temperature is moderate, and everywhere looks green with beautiful flowers marking the season. Anyone walking in the outdoors gets to enjoy the beauty of the colorful flowers and the adorable scents.

Imitate the fresh springy scents inside your apartment. Go the natural way and cut open some sweet smelling fruits like citrus. Or you can buy some scented candles and essential oils and enjoy your time indoors.

Some Pops of Color Will Do

Contrary to what you may think, spring décor doesn’t have to be complicated and costly. Work with the little you have.  For example, switch to a watercolor pillow, and you’ll see your couches transform and the living room looking brighter and lively.

Paint Two Tiers of Your Bookshelf

Got a bookshelf? Try painting at least two of its tiers with a bright color, and you can be sure it’ll make a difference. It’s a fast and simple way of refreshing your space, ready to welcome the colorful spring season.

Floral Carrot Wreath

For this arrangement, you’ll need artificial blossoms to make your long-lasting spring carrot door hanger. Get some greens, four tulip bushes, green burlap ribbon, wires cutter, and wire. Find the tutorial from Home Stalk!

Welcome the warm, cozy and colorful spring season with the above simple décor ideas for your apartment. And if you’re searching for a San Mateo apartment, choose 888 San Mateo. Call us at (855) 805-6160 to view available floor plans.


Using Hygge to Create the Most Comfortable Apartment

April 17th, 2018

hygge apartment


Hygge can be roughly translated to mean “coziness.” Ever wondered what to do to make living in your San Mateo apartment even more comfortable? Well, the secret lies in the activities you do every day. Ordinary everyday things that you do that create that feeling of genuine pleasure.

It is easy to add hygge to your life. Learning hygge will not mean that you have to completely start redecorating for apartment. It does not mean that you will go out shopping for expensive things, neither does it imply you will have to learn a new skill. In fact, you already have what it takes to use hygge to create the most comfortable apartment! Here are ways to use hygge to create a comfortable home for yourself.

Designate a Relaxing Spot

Find a nice place in your apartment to relax and get cozy after work. You can choose a cozy corner in your sitting room or a corner of an oversized chair that you love.

Add Warmth Using Unscented Candles

You need to stock up your home with unscented candles. Light the candles in order to add light and warmth to your relaxation area. These candles will help you to be in a good mood. The order in which you place the candles shouldn’t matter. All you need is warmth, and remember to blow them out after you have finished the session.

Use a Soft Blanket to Cover Yourself

Using a soft plush blanket is a necessity if you need to get hygge. You need to surround yourself in warm and cozy textures.

Drink Hot Beverages

Ensure you treat yourself to hot beverages, preferably from beautiful mugs. Make yourself your favorite beverage, be it cocoa, tea, hot mulled wine, or coffee and get cozy.

Treat Yourself With Comfort Food

You need to have some yummy comfort foods to spice up your session. Remember, this is you getting cozy without worrying about it. The hygge time is all about feeding and nourishing your soul!

Add Natural Greenery to Your Home

You have the option of going outside and spending time in nature to feed your soul. However, you can still bring the outside in. Add beautiful plants with amazing flowers to your home. Spending time with nature will help you add more hygge to your life.

Sometimes all it takes is choosing the right San Francisco Peninsula apartment and furnishing them in the most comfortable way to always help you add that much-needed hygge to your life. Contact us today and enjoy living in a comfortable home.


How to Use Wooden Dowels to Organize

March 22nd, 2018

organizing craft supplies

When you could use some help keeping certain items in your home more organized, you don’t have to purchase all kinds of storage solutions. Simple wooden dowels, which are usually available in stores that sell arts and crafts or hardware, can provide you with an easy and inexpensive storage solution for your home. Keep these ideas in mind for putting wooden dowels to use when you want to get organized.

Set Up Storage Under Shelves

If you need a bit of extra storage for hanging craft items, office supplies or other items, you can use a wooden dowel to make an under-shelf storage area. All you have to do is put two ceiling hooks or adhesive hooks under the shelf with enough space between them to hold the dowel in place. Once the dowel is set in place, you can hang items from it, making them easier to reach than keeping them hidden away in a drawer or storage bin.

Keep Kitchen Drawers Organized

Kitchen drawers can easily become sources of clutter that make it hard to find what you’re looking for. You can keep items more organized with pegboard and wooden dowels. For this project, you’ll need to measure your kitchen drawers, then find pegboard that will fit inside them. Place wooden dowels in some of the pegboard holes to help hold items in place. For example, you can use the dowels to hold storage containers with small items, rolling pins, cookie cutters and many other kitchen items. The dowels keep these items from sliding around and making a mess inside the drawers.

Create Craft Storage

Storing craft supplies while still having them in easy reach and keeping them organized can be a challenge. Wooden dowels can provide a convenient way for you to organize your craft supplies and have them handy. For this project, you can purchase a countertop Lazy Susan, then drill holes in it to hold wooden dowels. Place spools or thread, ribbon and other crafting supplies on the dowels to keep them in order. The Lazy Susan rotates, which makes it easier to quickly get to the supplies you need. If you can’t find a Lazy Susan to purchase at your local craft store or hardware store, you can also drill holes in round pieces of wood, then place the wooden dowels in them.

Our apartments in San Mateo, CA provide you with plenty of space for organizing your belongings using wooden dowels. Please contact us today to inquire about apartment availability and to learn more about our amenities.


Easy Plants to Grow in Your Apartment

February 7th, 2018

apartment plants

Indoor plants not only act as décor for your apartment, they can provide health benefits like improving air quality. The easiest-to-grow indoor plants will be durable and won’t require a lot of special upkeep. The San Mateo, California weather is also mild enough that if you do choose to eventually transport any of the plants outside to your deck or patio, they will continue to thrive. Here are a few low-maintenance indoor plants to grow inside your apartment.


Growing a cactus in your apartment is perfect for those who don’t really have a green thumb. Cacti typically only require water once a week. Although cacti should be placed in sunny areas, direct sunlight isn’t required. In fact, direct sunlight may cause the cacti to have a faded appearance.


Aloe is one of the easiest succulents to grow indoors. If you’re looking for a space-saving variety, select aloe vera. Ideally, choose a nice sunny area for the plant like next to a window.

Weeping Fig

If you’re looking for a big, green plant for your space, choose a weeping fig tree. The tree remains small and looks good in room corners and entranceways. Weeping figs require watering approximately every five days and only need indirect sunlight.

Peace Lily

If you’re looking for a houseplant that tolerates low-light conditions, then the peace lily is the perfect plant for you. The plant is very attractive year-round with bright, green leaves and flowers that bloom in the summertime. The size of the lily will range between one to six feet tall.

Herb Garden

City gardens are all the rage these days. Many apartment dwellers are finding creative ways to grow fruits, veggies and herbs. You could start with a small window herb garden and expand from there. Herbs easy to grow inside an apartment include cilantro, basil, rosemary, ginger and parsley.

Potted Tomatoes

Tomatoes of all varieties can be grown inside an apartment. The easiest method to grow tomatoes is to use a pot at least six inches or larger. Water daily and make sure the plant receives 12 hours of sunlight.

Be surrounded by greenery both inside and outside when you come to our San Mateo apartments. Our gorgeous community offers resort-style amenities such as a heated swimming pool, outdoor kitchen area, modern fitness center, yoga studio and more, so you’ll have every convenience right at your fingertips. Call (855) 805-6160 to find out more about our luxurious residences.


5 Ways to Bring Spring into Your Apartment

March 2nd, 2017

Dining RoomDo you have spring fever? It’s no wonder. When spring comes, the air smells fresher, the birds sing, and the grass even seems greener. You can’t spend all your time outside, but you can bring spring into your apartments in San Mateo with these five fun and easy ways.

1. Make Potpourri

Make your own fresh potpourri to sweeten the scent of your apartment in San Mateo, California. Fill a saucepan with water. Add slices of fresh oranges. Next, add a few drops of vanilla essence, two or three bay leaves, and a sprig of fresh rosemary. Simmer on the stove and enjoy the scent! Add more water as necessary when it begins to boil away.

2. Make a Mini Terrarium

Gather together some old picture frames that are the same size. Use a glue gun to secure the glass into the frame. Form a square by attaching 5 of the frames. Make a visit to a local nursery to find a selection of fresh potted herbs. You can use the herbs in your kitchen cooking, or just to enjoy the way they look. Set your framed glass on top of your spring plants for a picture perfect spring terrarium!

3. Hang Sheer Curtains

Swap out your winter draperies with sheer curtains. The lighter fabric will allow spring light to enter your apartment while maintaining the privacy you crave. For the lightest look possible, hang the sheer curtains on café rods with round grommets. You’ll be able to easily open and close the curtains with the least effort. You can find sheer curtains online or try sewing some yourself.

4. Visit the Farmers Market

Fresh spring fruits and vegetables are perfect for use in salads and smoothies. Visit your local farmers market for the freshest and tastiest selections that will keep you light on your feet with a spring in your step. Don’t forget to bring along your reusable shopping bag because some vendors might not have bags available to bring home your goodies.

5. Place Fresh Flowers in Vases

Fresh spring flowers add spring color and fragrance to your apartment. Your local flower shop will have new selections to choose from, or your grocery store might have a fresh flower garden section. To make fresh flowers last longer, you can insert an aspirin into the vase water and trim the ends of the stem daily on an angle.

Spring is the best time to decorate your apartment. With all the freshness in the air, it’s easy to find ways to incorporate spring décor into your apartment home. Contact us to see all the floor plans available!


How to Arrange a Spring Bouquet

March 2nd, 2017

Bouquet of FlowersOne of the most gratifying ways to invite the spring indoors is to have one or more bouquets of fresh flowers. But there is a trick to arranging a spring bouquet and even more tricks for keeping fresh flowers looking good for as long as possible. If you’re decorating your apartments in San Mateo with fresh spring bouquets and you want them to look their best for as long as possible, here are the tips you need.

How to Put Together A Bouquet

1. Start Big and Go Small

This is the opposite of most things in life. But with a bouquet, you want your center flower to be the longest stem so it will be the pinnacle of the bouquet. It can be one flower or a cluster of the same stem, but it should consist of just one type of flower, and be magnificent enough so that it dominates the display.

2. Add Fillers Next

Next, you’ll want to add your greenery to the bouquet. This can be ferns or other fronds with green leaves that go well around the center stems. The greenery should be added until it encompasses the entirety of the bouquet. In other words, however wide the greenery stands out, that’s how wide your bouquet will be.

3. Insert the Supplementary Flowers

Next, it’s time to insert the flowers into the greenery that will be add-ons. These might be daisies, carnations or other simpler flowers that are pretty, but won’t distract from the main attraction.

4. Give a Final Arrangement

Now that you have your whole bouquet assembled, it’s time to give a final arrangement with your hands. Just move the flowers around until they look visually appealing to you. Contrasting colors go well together, as do contrasting petal shapes.

How to Make Fresh Flowers Last a Long Time

Here are some tips for making your bouquet last as long as possible.

  • If you add a few stalks of foxglove to the arrangement, it will extend the life of the bouquet.
  • If the water gets murky, add a few drops of bleach to the water to make stems perk up.
  • In warmer temperatures, use a spray bottle of water to revive blooms.
  • Drop an aspirin into the water to enliven droopy blossoms.

Now that you know the secrets to arranging a spring bouquet, it’s time to try it yourself! While you’re at it, why not take a tour of available floor plans at the 888 San Mateo Apartments in Anaheim. You’ll be glad you did!