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Using Hygge to Create the Most Comfortable Apartment

April 17th, 2018

hygge apartment


Hygge can be roughly translated to mean “coziness.” Ever wondered what to do to make living in your San Mateo apartment even more comfortable? Well, the secret lies in the activities you do every day. Ordinary everyday things that you do that create that feeling of genuine pleasure.

It is easy to add hygge to your life. Learning hygge will not mean that you have to completely start redecorating for apartment. It does not mean that you will go out shopping for expensive things, neither does it imply you will have to learn a new skill. In fact, you already have what it takes to use hygge to create the most comfortable apartment! Here are ways to use hygge to create a comfortable home for yourself.

Designate a Relaxing Spot

Find a nice place in your apartment to relax and get cozy after work. You can choose a cozy corner in your sitting room or a corner of an oversized chair that you love.

Add Warmth Using Unscented Candles

You need to stock up your home with unscented candles. Light the candles in order to add light and warmth to your relaxation area. These candles will help you to be in a good mood. The order in which you place the candles shouldn’t matter. All you need is warmth, and remember to blow them out after you have finished the session.

Use a Soft Blanket to Cover Yourself

Using a soft plush blanket is a necessity if you need to get hygge. You need to surround yourself in warm and cozy textures.

Drink Hot Beverages

Ensure you treat yourself to hot beverages, preferably from beautiful mugs. Make yourself your favorite beverage, be it cocoa, tea, hot mulled wine, or coffee and get cozy.

Treat Yourself With Comfort Food

You need to have some yummy comfort foods to spice up your session. Remember, this is you getting cozy without worrying about it. The hygge time is all about feeding and nourishing your soul!

Add Natural Greenery to Your Home

You have the option of going outside and spending time in nature to feed your soul. However, you can still bring the outside in. Add beautiful plants with amazing flowers to your home. Spending time with nature will help you add more hygge to your life.

Sometimes all it takes is choosing the right San Francisco Peninsula apartment and furnishing them in the most comfortable way to always help you add that much-needed hygge to your life. Contact us today and enjoy living in a comfortable home.