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Spring Décor Ideas

May 3rd, 2018

spring decor

Spring is here, and everyone’s ready to say goodbye to dreary reminders of winter, and jumpstart the warmer season full of greens and blossoming colorful flowers. Spring is the perfect time to hit the reset button!

Borrow the following creative spring décor ideas to make your apartment in San Mateo even cozier and brighter.

Drop Some Lemons in a Glass Topiary Jar

Mimic the colorful spring season in your kitchen or the living room with a topiary jar containing some lemons. Better yet, get two matching flower vases containing white and yellow tulips and place on either side of the jar, such that it sandwiches them.

Bring in Some Plants

Maybe flowers aren’t your thing, or you’d like a perfect combination of flowers and natural plants for your décor.

Unsure of your ability to care for a plant? There are pretty easy plants such as snake plant, jade, and aloe, that won’t take much of your time.

How About Springtime Scents?

Spring is a pleasing season for everyone. The temperature is moderate, and everywhere looks green with beautiful flowers marking the season. Anyone walking in the outdoors gets to enjoy the beauty of the colorful flowers and the adorable scents.

Imitate the fresh springy scents inside your apartment. Go the natural way and cut open some sweet smelling fruits like citrus. Or you can buy some scented candles and essential oils and enjoy your time indoors.

Some Pops of Color Will Do

Contrary to what you may think, spring décor doesn’t have to be complicated and costly. Work with the little you have.  For example, switch to a watercolor pillow, and you’ll see your couches transform and the living room looking brighter and lively.

Paint Two Tiers of Your Bookshelf

Got a bookshelf? Try painting at least two of its tiers with a bright color, and you can be sure it’ll make a difference. It’s a fast and simple way of refreshing your space, ready to welcome the colorful spring season.

Floral Carrot Wreath

For this arrangement, you’ll need artificial blossoms to make your long-lasting spring carrot door hanger. Get some greens, four tulip bushes, green burlap ribbon, wires cutter, and wire. Find the tutorial from Home Stalk!

Welcome the warm, cozy and colorful spring season with the above simple décor ideas for your apartment. And if you’re searching for a San Mateo apartment, choose 888 San Mateo. Call us at (855) 805-6160 to view available floor plans.