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4 Reasons to Try Yoga

February 20th, 2018

reasons to try yoga

There’s a good reason the practice of yoga has been around for centuries. Those who practice yoga on a regular basis reap both physical and emotional benefits. If you live in the San Mateo, California area, you’ll find plenty of options to get started on your yoga journey. Here are the top four reasons to give yoga a shot.

Improve Flexibility

As you move your body into different positions to get into each yoga pose, you are stretching muscle fibers. By stretching these fibers, you’re allowing a wider range of movement within your muscles. As you continue to improve your body’s flexibility, you’ll reduce your risk of injury. Improving flexibility helps alleviate back and shoulder tightness to improve posture as well.

Promote Cardiovascular Health

Aerobic activity is not the only form of exercise used to improve heart health. Research from John Hopkins Medicine has shown that yoga can lower cholesterol, reduce blood sugar levels and lower blood pressure. Furthermore, studies have shown fewer episodes of atrial fibrillation in patients who practice yoga.

Increase Strength

Surprisingly, yoga is a great exercise for building strength and improving stamina. By simply using your own body weight, in lieu of barbells and dumbbells, you build muscle. Plus, you’re building muscle throughout your whole body since yoga includes all muscle groups. When you weight train, you’re isolating one muscle group at a time. Stamina improves because you’re required to hold a pose for a certain length of time throughout the workout. Each pose may be repeated over the course of the yoga session.

Stress Relief

One of the components of yoga is to nurture the mind and body connection. You need to have a calm mind to benefit from the physical aspects. Meditation is typically part of each yoga session. Stress is meant to melt away as you lie still and take deep, cleansing breaths. According to the American Council of Exercise, a study conducted on female yoga participants over a three-month period found that at the end of the three months, the women felt less anxiety, improved energy, less depression and a better sense of overall well-being. With stress levels reduced, you’ll have better sleep each night as well.