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Run in the Woodside King’s Mountain Half-Mile Marathon in San Mateo County

January 15th, 2015

Running a few half-marathons in the early part of the year is a great way to get in shape for your first full marathon next summer. One race coming up is the Woodside King’s Mountain Half-Marathon and 5-Mile race on February 28th.


Source: Envirosports.

Produced by Envirosports, known for their scenic trail events, this half-marathon near San Mateo will be a test of a runner’s endurance and fortitude. It helps that the route is one of the prettiest in San Mateo County!

The race for both this half-marathon near San Mateo and the 5-mile starts and ends at the Huddart Park parking lot and rises to an elevation of close to 2000 feet at mile 6 (past the 5-Mile race turnaround) before descending again.

No worries though; the view of ancient redwoods, mountain flowers, and cool oak bowers should more than compensate for those aching leg muscles!

Registration fees range from $10 to $55 depending on age, race type, and date of registration. Only 400 participants will be allowed, so early registration is a must!

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