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You’re Purr-fect: 3 Ways to Tell Your Cat You Love Them

October 17th, 2016

Living in a pet-friendly apartment is a must for anyone who loves cats. Whether you’ve had your cat for a decade or are on the hunt for a new kitten to add to the family, showing your cat just how much you love them is a great way to keep them happy. But unlike your best human friend, cats can’t always understand that a big hug means you care for them. Check out these simple cat-approved ways to say, “I love you!”

3 Easy Ways to Tell Your Cat You Love Them

1. A Full Body Message

While cats are super responsive to touch, there is a right and a wrong way to pet them. For maximum good vibes and a true bonding experience, try the nose-to-tail rub. When your cat rubs their body against your leg from nose-to-tail, this is their way of rubbing their scent on you and claiming you as their person. So show them you’re happy to be their family and love them too by petting them from nose-to-tail.

2. Making Eye Contact and Snuggling

Sometimes the best way to share a special moment with your cat is to make eye contact. Cats often use a slow blink and a simple head bonk to show affection to each other and their owners. Aside from scent marking, when a cat points their head down, they are more vulnerable and this shows how much they trust the person that they’re nudging. Return the love by slowly blinking your eyes back at them and giving them a few head bonks with your forehead!

3. Train Your Kitty

While most people think dogs are better at doing tricks and being obedient, cats actually love to be trained as well. Cats are very trainable and enjoy the mental stimulation that comes along with learning a few tricks. Training your cat is also an ideal way to strengthen your bond and show them that you love them. Reward your kitty for a job well done with healthy treats and they will be your best friend for life. An active and engaged cat is a happy cat, so be sure to keep up with your training efforts and practice your tricks often.

Share the Love with Your Cat

Owning a cat shouldn’t keep you from living in a great apartment community in the Bay Area. For more information on our pet-friendly apartments in San Mateo, be sure give us a call or check us out online today!